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When you look into the mirror do you see your destiny?

Updated: Jul 23

When you look into the mirror do you see your destiny? Does the reflection you see inspire you? Those that surround you do they bring inspiration to your divine goals?

Why do we have people in our lives that insist on tangling us in misery, hatred and unsatisfactory behavior? Have we all forgotten that we are only as clean as the pool we swim in? I did.

The Libra in me always wanted to please others that was my path to peace by dreaming their dreams; there way but, I tell you it’s not true. Today is a very special day for the reflection in my life, a reflection that has allowed me to dream; my gift was killed inside of me many years ago. My reflection at first was unclear, the ability to trust it was delayed by own disability to trust myself. Despite my unfaithfulness in myself, my reflection never left me. I assumed it saw something in me that I was to blind too see. Truth is; I thought it was a shadow, a darkness cast by the blocking of the sun, I was afraid of my own shadow.


Soon the shadow became a reflection with a lot of work, not just prayer but, physical, mental and spiritual work. Who I wanted to be became real; aided by the sun not blocked by it. The sheer power of the unrecognizable reflection brought back a beauty that had died in me and the blessing to see what has died in many others.

This divine reflection allowed me to use the abundance given to me to share with others aiding in the resurrection; The ability to bring life to dreams; to know without a shadow of a doubt that your dreams, in line with your destiny can and will come true once you see your refection clearly & purely. The more I became selfish in my own path the cloudier my reflection became but, the more I worked with the reflection, the clearer it became.

I paint, I write, I sing because the beautiful reflection never gave up hope in my true beauty.

I share these blessings by doing what I Love because it will provides a spring board to freedom; to believe in your own dreams with the courage, freely without restriction. In our fantastic dreams is where God dabbles with creativity. God is as a child in our limitless dreams. A playground where God runs barefoot in the sandboxes of our minds and swings higher than the clouds of thoughts and builds that magical fortress where we can all be Kings and Queens of golden pyramids. That plot of land has died in many of us.

My reflection showed me through perseverance that I have the ability to open eyes with patience, words, color and music and my charismatic speaking. The dreamer in us can be resurrected for God wants the playground back; the swings, slide and that funny shaped thing in middle that you climb on the whole kit & caboodle.

My reflection is my miracle that I have been searching for since the dreamer inside me died and those that surrounded me could only put flowers, my reflection did not allow me to die. Now, I inspire others with this learned lesson that I express through this website because God wants to play. Let’s all play in our divinely created playground that is filled with glorious apparatuses of the mind. My gift is to help bring life to the graves of the dreamers, not flowers; resurrecting dreams… assist me if you can.

My reflection brought my dreams to life for me clearly and purely and I am so glad he My spiritual twin. Thanks

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