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The plan

Every night before Vivian went to bed she would kiss her three children and her husband with soft kisses on the cheek. Then knelt down at the side of her bed praying;

“God thanks for your plan every day and the blessing of knowing when to get out of the way”.

Vivian adored her role as a mother and wife, it was a wonderful life but, sometimes she felt just a little unappreciated. She often lay wondering in bed “God what’s your plan for me” then soon after fall asleep.

The next morning Vivian laid in bed listening to the sound of gargling. It was 7:14 am and by now her husband and two children and left for the library, giving Mommy rest. Vivian slowly stepped out of bed and followed the gargling sound. It was, as usual, the youngest, 4 years Sadie in the bathroom. “I am waking up her mouth,” she sung in the mirror. Vivian didn’t dare interrupt, she tiptoed away and headed quietly downstairs towards the kitchen.

Vivian stood in her kitchen once again to the same messy counter, the same messy counter that she tells the whole family “Please clean up and put the dishes in the sink when you're done”. Her own voice echoed loud and clear in her head, it seems Vivian a.k.a, Mommy was the only one listening to herself.

But, today would be different, Vivian wasn’t going to clean it up this time, she was going to do something else. But what? Vivian stood thinking, then she heard a little voice.

“Good morning, Mommy” it was Sadie sitting at the kitchen table, swinging her feet.

“Good morning, Sadie“ Mommy greeted her with a big kiss & hug.

“Mommy, what’s for breakfast this morning?”

Mommy stared at the counter while taking a deep breath and said

“We are going to have breakfast in the park today”.

So within a half an hour Mommy and Sadie were ready packing fruit, nuts, yogurt, and plenty of water because it was Sadie’s favorite kind of cheese, cheddar.

Driving to the park was always nice there was a whole lot to look at from;

Oak trees, little ponds, and the feeling of the warm July country air was always delightful.

“Mommy, why are we going to the park today?” Sadie said from her safety seat.

There was a long pause while Mommy thought about the usual morning routine of; cleaning up after breakfast, then doing laundry, going for the daily walk to see the little bluebirds in their nest, and of course, Sadie’s many playdates.

“Oh! I thought we would do something different today”.

“What’s different?” Sadie said.

“The park” Mommy replied.

“We are going to the park….. Yeaaaaaay!!!!!1” Sadie cheered.

Can I take my favorite pillow the one I got from my best friend Silva?

Hurry up and go grab it.

Sadie ran upstairs then straight to the car.

Pulling into the parking lot Vivian noticed that a little boy about Sadie’s age sitting alone in the sandbox looking very unhappy, Sadie saw him too.

” Mommy, can I play with the boy who is sitting by himself?”

Mommy looked at the breakfast cooler, it seems that breakfast was going to be for one. “Well… if he wants to play with you, I can’t see why not” as she helped Sadie out of her safety seat.

Sadie asked for two granola bars and took a small piece of cheese in her mouth.

”Chew slow and carefully, Sadie,” Mommy said.

Within moments Sadie was off to meet her new friend.

Vivian took her breakfast and sat with a woman who was sitting by herself at a picnic table close to the sandboxed box staring blankly at the sky.

”Hi my name is Vivian, that’s my daughter Sadie over their” she pointed. There was a brief pause As the woman turned her gaze to Vivian

“Oh, hi my name is Janet that’s my son Daniel”.

Vivian took a seat across from her and offered to share breakfast with the young woman she seemed grateful and also hungry.

“Thank you,” the young woman said with a mouth full of a banana.

As she swallowed the young woman pointed to an orange

“Can I give this to my son please.”

Vivian tried not to look surprised.

“Of course but, I think he already has his hands full with a granola bar from Sadie” both looking over at the sandbox, the two children seemed content.

”It’s hard to play and make friends when your hungry or even to make playdates”

Daniel’s mother said as she put the orange in her bag.

Vivian saw clearly “the plan” she had never thought of it that way now feeling guilty for complaining about a messy kitchen. Then suddenly Sadie was crying, Daniel had thrown sand in Sadie’s hair. His mother immediately started to apologize

“I’m so sorry,” she said becoming increasingly frustrated.

“He always causes trouble, ruins everything, I’m going to make him apologize right now”

she stood up. Vivian quickly stopped her by saying

“Let’s get out of the way” signaled to Janet to sit down.

Janet looked surprised she didn’t really understand ”How do we do that”

Vivian called to a crying Sadie who was sitting in the sandbox ”Tell him how you feel“ as both Mother’s leaned in to listen.

“That made me sad, I don’t want to play with you anymore,”Sadie said then got up and ran to the slide.

Daniel sat in the sandbox looking very unhappy, the same look he had when they pulled into the parking lot.

”Now what?” His mother whispered to Vivian

“Ask him how he feels” and so, his mother did and soon after Daniel figured out on his own how he felt and how to play with Sadie again.

Once again both Mother’s leaned in to listen as they watched Daniel approach and say to Sadie “I’m sorry” something 5-year-old Daniel never did on his very own and to the surprise of his mother.

“He’s a big boy now"

" I know" a long sigh follow by a quiet Thank-you“ she smiled.

Sadie was happy to forgive him and soon after Daniel and she were playing happily.

It was almost time to go home, so Sadie said goodbye to her new friend Daniel, and then Vivian said goodbye to Janet. The day was good for meeting new friends, and making future playdates, it is always good to see your blessings.

Vivian and Sadie got in the car and drove back home it was quite. Vivian's thoughts drifted she was still not looking forward to cleaning up the kitchen. She quickly turned her thoughts to what she had learned today that it could always be worse, she could be hungry. When Vivian and Sadie arrived home, Sadie went inside took off her shoes, and ran to the kitchen.

Vivian was welcomed home with the surprising aroma of something good cooking, she also noticed a clean kitchen. Vivian stood there noticing a beautiful table set with everything from cutlery, a bouquet of flowers with a card that read

”Thank you and we love you”.

It turned out to be a wonderful evening and Vivian didn’t have to clean up.

That night Vivian did, as usual, she kissed her three children, her husband with soft kisses on the cheek. Then knelt down at the side of her bed, praying;

“God thanks for the plan every day and the blessing of knowing when to get out of the way”.

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