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Mental health; is about your reality, not your mind

Mental health is fairly new to all of us despite the fact that many have struggled with it. If you are like me, I use to think it was just called "life" and who doesn't struggle with that. I guess if you give it a name "Mental health" you can begin to study it and perhaps make a profit off it. Our mental health is not the problem , the problem is our reality.

Giving Mental health a name allowed me to realize what I had been struggling with "the health of my reality" and I did not even know it. It further proved to me that Mental reality health awareness is key, unlocking a truth that we all have mental reality issues.


For some our reality is unhealthy we have lost the ability to take care of what has infected our reality leaving most feeling powerless. We can no longer protect or reality from such invaders as hate, doubt and anger just to name a few. Despite the fact that we, ok, most.... believe that love heals all. That reality is not for most.... for most will never be healed and many are still waiting for love.

When I found out that my struggles had a proper name I called it "Mental" as if I was going to engage it into a battle, a battle for balance. As I heard the name echoing back at me "remember this is all taking place in my mind" I began to take offense of the word for as it stands on it's own "Mental" made me sound negative ...what about you ?

How do you define the word mental? Merriam Dictionary :relating to the total emotional and intellectual response of an individual to external reality. Yet if some one called you "mental" you might take offense despite that fact it is true. We are mental beings relating to world externally. If we did not have a mind we would not experience life as we know it. We are meant to experience life, yet the minds health is on the decline....just look out into your reality.

Media, the main way we ingest our reality has continue to profess aggression, blood shed, anger, all the "isms" of the world, false media and lies to continue to bombard our minds.

Mental : relating to the total emotional and intellectual response of an individual to external reality. Our external reality is broken, not us. The reality that has been created for us sucks.

We can not heal when cuts are being open, introduced to us daily, sharp edges of negativity separated us from our natural flow... love.

I then called it by it's last name "Health" my body reacted with positivity....what about you?

"Health" defined as by Merriam dictionary: the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit "Remember mental means" ; relating to the total emotional and intellectual response of an individual to external reality. Mental health then should be redefined as a balance response to our created reality. Our external world is chaotic, our minds have begun to reflect that. Meaning our minds can not be healthy in the reality we presently live in.

The Good news is we are individuals and we belong to a bigger divine picture...We can change our reality, improve our mental reality otherwise we are just settling for a balance in a broken reality ....I want more, what about you?


Mental reality needs more than yoga, speaking out , smiling , positive affirmation although they all do help. Mental reality requires the physically changing of your world for the better.... right NOW!!!

Unlearning then RE-learning the building blocks of the mind ; Love, trust, patience, mercy understanding etc, so our minds can grow in positivity.

I had to physical change my reality, I can't go back . My reality was broken, not my mind.

If you believe that you struggle with mental health change your reality heal your mind . My world mentally is good now ..... where the mind goes the body shall follow ...change your world, heal your mind.

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