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Masculinity & Femininity ( mental health balance)

Masculinity & Femininity came traipsing across my path one day requesting that I balance them in order to continue safely on my journey. I have always known that masculinity was more than just male/ female bathrooms and is much deeper that a shirt and tie or flowery dress. and as soon as I started the journey toward balancing the two aspects questions began to arise;

  • How was I going to do that ?

  • Where would I find healthy examples?

  • Why was balancing my masculinity and femininity important to my mental health?

  • What do Masculinity/Femininity mean?

I guess I should define what these two terms mean to me....

Masculinity: When this word enters my mind I think of strength having a strong base. In terms of a house, I would imagine that masculinity would be represented by the foundation. Having the ability not only to build but, continually maintain the initial integrity of the structure and inner system, plumbing, wiring : ie protection & maintenance.

Femininity ; When this word enters my mind I think of the phrase a feminine touch ; caring of the strong base. In terms of a house I would imagine that femininity would be represented by the foundations outward ,inward appearance. Having the ability not only care but, upgrade the structure continually: ie applying the benefits of protection to betterment of the inner /outer environment of the house .

When the two are working in tune together the structure releases an energy that is not only fortified by the balance but it is also fortified by its surrounding. The house has curbside appeal as well as attracting like minded visitors.

Male and Female vs Masculinity and Femininity

⦁ Male and Female can be differentiated by body parts ie.. penis, vagina

⦁ Masculinity and Femininity are attributes that are beneficial to the balancing of the mind ie strength and caring

Where would healthy examples be found?

Finding a balanced path toward Masculinity and Femininity can seem a bit murk in the world today so many confusing messages and symbols. " Being a pussy" that implies a weakness?" but as a woman I can assure you a pussy /vagina it is powerful. "Being a dick" implies stupidity or stupid behavior?. Again being a woman I can tell you dicks / penis are not stupid. I found that on my journey most misunderstood there meaning.

Masculinity for some meant brute strength or plenty of muscles and quite often involved the male parts the penis; the larger the better? I realize that although masculinity can in tale the for mention. It is more comfortable for me to define it as having the ability to protect through mental agility as well. By strengthening the part of the structure allowing a feeling of security, the mind (house)

Example for such masculinity it can be highlighted by those who can think through any issue or situation having a mental fortitude creating an inner feeling of inner and outer security; a kind of a Magyver strength of the mind. If the mind can not protect itself or those close, the house will crumble.

Femininity for some I found on my journey is that most define it as pure sexuality and perhaps a weakness as well as a way to gain what is wanted which did not always result in a healthy outcome. I find the use of sexuality has gotten a tad boring as viewed by our society despite its divine magnetic power the energy has been diluted of responsibility and control..the house seems to be in disarray

Example are those who can refortify femininity with responsibility and control while still achieving the desired goal; Michelle Obama, Princess Diane, Oprah and Viola Davis to name just a very few

Why should balancing masculinity and femininity be important to mental health?

Having both aspects continual in balance can empower decision in our daily life by not siding with one aspect or another can offer valid insight, fairness and freedom. Allowing us to to be alert and to view situations that we may have strong armed or over sexualize. Mental health is required daily so we can communicate effectively in our work or our home environment.

If the two are out of balance over compensation can happen in one or the other of the aspect and thwart or derail present future conversations which can invite destructive and unhealthy behavior disrupting the flow of our mental health.

How do you achieve balance ?

I think understanding both aspects from the terms of (Masculinity)strength and

(Femininity )caring can create a better balance for our minds easier to digest. When the two are combined a unified human can be presented or an open house can finally happen ie , a beautiful home is open for display and become and mentor its own community.

Questions to ask yourself...

Do I feel secure?

Do I show caring thoughts toward myself other?

Do I allow femininity aspect to be nurture in my life; enjoying beautiful things ,sharing emotions? beautifying my personal space?

Do I allow masculinity aspects to be nurtured in my life; protecting my thoughts and inner space and Personal boundaries?










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