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STOP!..... Fucking moving

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Like all of us I have a past, a past that has become powerful for it contains wisdom due to one awesome fact ....

I was forced to stop moving & stand still. Despite what you may have heard it is a very difficult skill to stand still because everything else is moving. Stillness creates the ability to view the surroundings, giving a more robust view.

The view confirmed what I have always known, I am broken living in a broken society. This truth brought me to an over-standing, that I had to stop patch work healing; fake smiles, not allowing the opinions of others to out rank my own.

I had to start from scratch, admit the brokenness so healing energies could enter.

Everyday my husband reflects that truth in his daily work, being a electrician he knows the dangers of faulty wiring. if wiring is bad the whole house need to be re wired. Otherwise it can become a fire hazard...burning it to the ground. I believe our present system and ourselves could use a complete rewiring which can be found in stillness.

Stop!.... fucking moving and notice that we are living in a broken society, health care, childcare, legal system etc. Awareness is key which opens the door to anger, frustration & sadness. But, in that sadness tears will fall ending the drought of ignorance. These tears serve a purpose to water the future. Stillness is the painful work but it does cause rebuilding due to seeing the truth ...YOURS

A new vision means a connection to the light that fills the tunnel, not just at the end. Implementing fresh new ways of thinking is empowering, creating new circuits,that will make the future bright ... a future that begins with you.

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