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Let's get "HI"

You get out of bed with thoughts as you hit the ground running, the first thing you do is light up your mind with heavy ideas of the must do’s and don't of the day.

As you inhale deep heavy ideas into your soul before the day has even begun there are no “Hi’s” in your goals do you even see anyone. You get dress as you and yours interact but you don’t inhale the connection. Let’s get “Hi” truly inhale life’s blessed relationships. First with our families. Our only need is to sincerely look at one another and say “Hi, how are you?” then allow patience to dictate the rest. When we meet each other at the store the first thing out of our mouths should be a greeting blessed, with sincerity. It only takes a second or two but, instead the conversation is as follows;

“Do you want a bag?” The reply is “yes” or “no”, no smile in site, a missed opportunity to get “Hi” takes flight.

There are so many chances during the day to get “Hi” and we don’t why? I guess we are too afraid to inhale the beauty of others. going to fast to slow down and embrace spirit but, that is exactly what , we need. We now mostly walk with our heads down, our smiles pulled to the ground, afraid. We have believed the exhaled smoke that comes from some of the media feeds. It's perpetual smothering of joy enhancing to fear and greed

I myself love to light up an honest “Hi” I’m not afraid to inhale that which fills my soul with a constant gratitude that we share a planet; me and you. A constant reminder of divine love is available if we are not afraid to inhale. It’s hard to light up on these social pages some want to know “How do I know you?” the reply “You don’t, I’m just sharing a Hi”. Mostly they don’t follow me back, feeling it was a personal attack but, I think some are just afraid to inhale our divine truth.

The point, this world system is struggling to stay afloat but we mustn’t sink with it. Our spirits are stronger than that of all lies. We were all meant to get “Hi” in the morning in the afternoon , evening, all day in fact. I want my “Hi” and the friendliness back.

No one can force anyone to get “Hi".You can say nothing or don’t friend other’s back. But me I want my beauty to be shared I won’t turn my back. I want to inhale the worlds beauty.

So, when you get out of bed and your thoughts hit the ground running, get “Hi” with your family first. Connect with those close use eye contact and an eager thirst. Do away with the smoke of impatience, inhale the beauty of others. Each day I do get “Hi” in the true divine’s name for I am very grateful to share a planet with you and I hope you think the same .

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