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I think you have lost your birthright

What does mean to have a birth certificate in this day and age? Perhaps one point is to certify that you had been born, but who needs a piece of paper for that, He who has eyes to see.....

Perhaps the reason is to certify that with your birth on earth you will no longer try, you will do nothing. Do not make the attempt to add your individuality to this mundane world despite that it hungers for it for you are no longer certified to do that. Diversity only belong to evils of world from a drug addicted society to the dismantling of little boys and girls.

There are space program-mes that are being funded with millions, NO Billions of dollars the same billions that that could be using to inspire life; build shelters, food for those in need. Instead we use these funds to explore space perhaps that is where our head is at , in space, spaced out. There is no one in space to feed that is not our birth right, earth gravity certifies that, don't you think.

"Those" who run countries & cities and towns seem to be certifiable crazy.... being born on earth you can not avoid it, we are all a part of that. They are running it alright, into the ground. Poising the soil of our future with the amount of illegal activity that goes on behind the curtain our birth right is certain and the message is to "stop trying". We dig for oil as bury our must certainly see that for yourself. We all must be strong enough to remove (Y) our self from that birth"wrong" path.

Whether it be on the news, political views, internet feuds I heard hear the message it is personalized for me, but you might hear differently, but is all the same message if you look deeply if you are ( insert ethnicity here) stop trying , if you want to try to make (y)ourself better 'stop trying", if you are (wo)man "stop trying", if your are in love stop trying, if you believe in hope "stop trying". If you want freedom "stop trying", if you want to change anything Just "stop trying".

BUT, If you want to be someone else and live a life that doe not suit you and sell your birth right for something wrong.... don't fucking give up the fight. The sheep have forgotten who they are and wolves remember to well.

Our birth right is now a passage straight from hell. Now the light is a burning flame of compliance at the end of tunnel. As long as we all comp-lie and listen to the lies .... Or say it has nothing to do with me the message will always be to "Stop trying" . That is our new birth right ..I mean wrong. What does a birth certificate mean in this day and age? I swear/certify not to try as a human being......

You true birth right is not to believe that lie.

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