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I DON"T OWE YOU SHIT ! (A Mental health cry from Mother Earth)

Updated: Feb 7

I don’t owe you shit, nothing at all for everything you need is already available to you. What more do you want from me what else can I do? I am already spinning in circles every day keeping my distance from others in space. I have provided for you, I know this is true, I don’t owe you shit not sure what more I can do.

I am Mother Earth connecting you to Father Spirit. I am the water, the air, the land and still yoooooou want more, God bless, I don’t owe you shit. The mountains have been raised for you for optical wonderment though most never raise their eyes to the occasion.

The skies are cluttered with the beauty of heaven, but yet you forget to look up. A solid foundation was set for you, soil that can produce plenty yet poison seeps deep from lack of care.


Many have built up and sideways, digging real deep searching for something to feel more complete, but everything you need you already have and the insecurity witnessed is really quiet divinely sad. I hear children begging for more from there nightly stance and I am not sure why because there is plenty for everyone no need for the return of manna from the sky.

I don’t owe you shit anything at all, I am sure you are wondering why perhaps you can’t understand for your ears are filled with worry that fire and brimstone will fall. Some have tried to manipulate the natural, camouflaging the truth tricking the adults and turning off the youth. I hear the pain from young and old “This can’t be it there must be more” the problem is someone is lying to you for truly, I don’t owe you shit that’s for sure.

“Life is unfair” I hear many say, but truly it was not created that way; fairness is obtained by the balance of nature with human hearts. If you want more perhaps that where you should start. The imbalance you feel is caused a by a few greedy fuckers not by me, the Divine Earth Mother.

Plenty are searching for something more hoping to “buy” it or hoard unnecessarily. The amount of hunger that plagues my earthly skin is not causedheartfelt by me it comes from within. Although I truly empathize with your heart felt prayers for more peace, love, humans who care. To see no more evil and more spirits that are righteous. I don’t know what to tell you but I don’t owe you shit.

The best I can do is what I have always done give you consciousness discriminating no one, to open your eyes naturally to the beauty that is and give and an abundance of passion to you who want to live. Opening your eyes is a part of winning this war but other than that I will do nothing more.


Believe me when I say there is nothing wrong with me . You can continue to watch the greedy devour all of it but, but I Mother earths clearly states “I don’t owe you shit”.

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