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Have you touched yourself?

Updated: Jan 7

Finally, you are done, everything looks to be in place, from your stance to how you have set your face. Now, you are ready to be naked on the other side of the screen, the world has kindly given you a window to be seen.

You have signed in, hoping that kindness speaks and comments are not mean. Although you have heard that the web is a place where love may flow & likes are the new main stream,the heart still wants to swim feverishly toward the dream.

Thumbs up, in days gone by meant it was OK, a heart shape on a note book, meant love was in play. A smiley face was just a yellow sticker and a check mark on a test meant the pile of homework would not be thicker. Somehow these symbols have slowly depleted our mental health? Stripping soul of life's true wealth?. Fake followers, situation and likes, we have all succumb to the emoji hype. When the emoji speaks our eyes listen, deaf goes the heart the very place where love once risen.

One must touch self first to break the emoji curse.The cheese has now become outside gratification, where the mouse goes it seeks this sensation. Post after post the eyes go through waiting for others to do what you should do.

Do not wait for notification to land from off the web shelf go ahead touch yourself.

Yes, I said it touch yourself, in the world wide web you reach far to touched everyone else. You have given them a thumbs up, touched the emoji heart but, to see your worth your truth departs.

How did likes become the thing to do, as the real heart takes a back seat, if the number don't add up we all feel incomplete. So many others who have came before us. never relying on emoji trust. From those born before 1992 & Mitchell, Marley, Nelson and the Motown crew. No Computer or emojis all rose to fame, just to name a few. It was a different time,a different out look, knowing that hard work along with real connections is what success took. Not to rely on the web for gratification but, the truth inside of you. Love doesn’t just fall from the sky to a button the real process is really some-thin.


I have no rituals to tell you how to achieve this, no hints and certainly not any savvy suggestions or an emojis with a kiss…I figure if we have time to smoke a cigarette or spliff, we can figure out this . If we can sit on the toilet or unnecessarily enhance our face in the morning I think that we can figure this out. You were not meant to relate to an emoji or thumbs up but, to a real heart that can be touched, filled it up.

Untangle yourself from the web allow your mental health to return to what is known to be true: Remember, it was never about the likes but, about the love within me and you.

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