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Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

Updated: Jan 7

Woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed opening my eyes to see me underneath it instead I must have fallen asleep with heaviness on my head causing me to drop like a ton of lead. I pondered awhile and decided to use lead to write instead of the ink to jot down my thoughts and the emotions that made me sink.

Long time lying here underneath this box spring & mattress So finally I choose to tell the truth. Because of this built up stress In this dusty darkness a part of me slumbers which needs to be awake and confess that I might have missed signals about my dangerous heaviness.


It is like quickly walking in a room that is obviously messy then closing your eyes and ignoring it. You are bound to trip, yelling obscenities like "why all is there all this Sh*t."

A solution always appears after a little bit if only you just slowed opened your eyes you would have been aware of it. Last Tuesday around noon I remember tempers rose because of the incorrect use of a table spoon which was none of my business. but When the attitude was justifiable returned it made more fuel burning a tiny hole in the soul.

Then later that day on the city bus anger slipped of over a seat I fussed with every word cussed I filled up that hole that had burned in my soul minutes ticked I became more heavy. How can I forget what tore open the levy the moment I broke the key inside the lock of my door I was suddenly weeping on floor .. tears fell and my soul too. But wouldn't you know I ignore that as well otherwise there would be no story to tell.

So to avoid working on me I took on extra hours of works suddenly my mind began to twerk more buts on why I don't need a vacation and why I should be overworked. Perhaps that is why I woke up this morning feel buried in dirt. Sanity and madness had begun to flirt as an imbalanced emotional mind hide behind a flowery bed skirt. If only time was taken to review, relax & renew my mind i would have open eyes to find me on the right or left the bed.

Here thoughts hovered below undercover reevaluating the worth of mental health to search out it's true wealth because without a good frame of mind you too will a loose a true picture of yourself. On the wrong side of the bed negativity can fill your head making you heavy instead of light, So no matter the night take moment to loosen the w.h.o.l.e from tight AHHHH!!!!!! Shucks .......take a day if you must. Because there is not enough room under the bed for all of us at once ... to stay below the sadness.

Choose individually to Wake up in the morning the day before or exalt the day right or left choose the side of the bed that is best then feet on the floor. Open the eyes to see self above it all, causing you to float like a ton of feathers because you don't have have to flock to loves height everyday, not even a thumbs up in any way.

Just Pondered awhile forward with baby steps or a Giant leap for mental mindedness to use the feathers to write or to fly jotting down thoughts that go up towards the sky. For soon it will rain and those thoughts will fall again and if they are heavy, back underneath the bed we will all crawl.

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