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Did you sleep with her ?

Updated: Aug 15

Have you slept with Miss Take?

I know you have flirted with this sensual alluring sweetness, laid in bed without protection for your personal mental state of curiosity stood at erection?

This Diva owns the title of being a master of disaster for the duty of this unfocused energy is all about distraction. This fertile energy created to deliver doubt is what this mistress is divinely about.

Miss Take a definition born in truth; is a blessing in disguise leading to a successful route.

Now, if we all care to admit we have all gone to bed in this illusionary pit and even fallen for the mind-altering “it’s my fault shit”. I myself have slept with this Miss Take; the blessing in disguise even though I saw the truth in front of my very own eyes. It felt like true freedom this exciting fall during the moment I answered to no one, nobody at all, for Miss Take encouraged the necessary falls. But by the time I understood this painful agony I found that I was carrying the self-shame as a pregnancy.

The journey of life showed me through a natural process that entwining with Miss Take is a divine test. The more you make the more you’ll you know what not to do, for Miss Take clears the path of success for you. There is only one simple catch to being with Miss Take is that you must learn from them and shed the self-shame weight.

Roaming around with this divine diva naked is a human must and learning from it; eventual in that we all must trust.

We cannot judge each other for sleeping with Miss Take or “I fucked up” definition; (Miss Take’s big brother). We each have a duty to every human that contains a spiritual soul; we must forgive each other; that is the healing goal.

Those who believe or choose not to admit dancing with Miss Take, in that very notion is a symptom of an upcoming date. So be easy on one another and certainly yourself for flirting with Miss Take is a disguise in itself.

Miss Take is alluring and the lessons only are revealed to you on the journey of maturing. So, until then love another and laugh at will for when it’s your turn to sleep with Miss Take you might feel the unforgiving chill.

Miss Take is a blessing in disguise, be easy on yourself for her truth is eternally wise and will be revealed in front of your eyes. Give Miss Take a little grace and her lessons you will surely find, not on your time scale but in divine time.

I dream of a job at Google mistake!!!

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