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Beyond the ten ..

Updated: May 1, 2019

Beyond the Ten

In the beginning it was said that the ten needed to be laid for it was the only way for humanity to obey. Our ability to know right from wrong was not only skewed but hidden from our spiritual view. So throughout history we have limped blindly not knowing truly what to do. Our hearts were created in love how can that be true? I have stumbled in life quite a few times relying on the “ten”, something like coloring within the lines of life but, when I scribbled what then?

I found myself following a darkness that drained my wealth of common sense leaving me penny-less. Number six to be exact, I held on to the essence of this number and what it represented to my religious growth; hoping beyond hope to gain a space in heaven due to my loyalty of the number six and of course the others; stay within the pages and lines and God will surely be your friend. This path led me to a personal experienced truth, noticing that others had the same issue too. The numbers may differ but the attitude remains true: Without the ten we wouldn’t know what to do.

I have found in my experiences that there was a hidden door way beyond the ten that begged me to explore; and written on it was the number eleven and something more that read; “Thy shall follow thy own heart where God and only God resides” The heart is where lines are illusion and God is reality. Common sense taught me that the “ten” are for the obvious harmoniously living that keeps the peace between women and men but beyond the ten “Thy shall follow thy own heart where God and only God resides”

I was lost when I firmly believed that I should honor a woman that is Mother and Man who is my Father simply because? If I had stayed loyal to number 6, I would have been further abused without mercy and buried without beauty. I learned to hear God through my heart. Common sense taught me Mother or Father and all who I see; don’t let anyone ever abuse me, which was beyond the ten.

I know that a wealth of common sense is more valuable than the might ten. Love knows how to protect itself share the wealth and heal the sick. Love is the true divine law governing itself for that is true spiritual wealth. No matter the number of the boundary that holds you captive or the situation that hinders you from walking tall your heart is created from love and the answers, it knows all.

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