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A Guide to traveling

Updated: Jan 13

Traveler’s Guide

Long is this travelers journey that strides into the dark blue

Ears hear distant coyotes howl, owls queries of eerie who.

The arms lack strength but, feet stand strong in new leather boots

Young traveler close to rest; clearing ground and taking root.

Onward the moons broad finger speaks, displaying a brilliant light

Under sky the traveler lay, eyes retired for the long night.

Raving thoughts of hidden treasure, hostage in the traveler’s dreams

In the morning freedom, as the earth welcomes the golden beams.

Now the map opened, the search began, the mark was revealed,

Skeptical, unsure, then ignoring, a traveler’s instinct concealed.

To the mountain edge a traveler’s prideful echo bellows back

“I will l do this on my own, with no help” such ignorant crap.

Now days past, digging went on as the arms grew much stronger

Covering all doubt that the map could be wide of the marker.

The traveler continued, never thinking to change the stubborn thought,

G rowing doubts lingered long about changing the digging spot.

Unwilling to notice, trying to prove the map and save full pride,

“I will do this by myself” was the words thrown too passer-by.

Days of many had gone by as digging became the norm

Eagar to listen to guidance never was this traveler’s true form.

A journey of excitement began to grow dull and quite old,

Leather boots worn and cracked, strong arms now permanently fold.

Outrage grew for the days of digging the hard rocky ground

No treasure recovered, in search to find nothing was found.

Giving up, the traveler turned head to the way it all had begun

The traveler was disappointed that the adventure was over and done.

Half way down the road a meeting with another took place,


Emotions of abundance and hope on this strangers face.

Clothed plain and simple looking, the lone stranger drew near

Opened displeased lips greeted the stranger “no treasure found here”

Under the breath constantly complaining that nothing was gained

Resuming the course with utter disappointment “on the road again“.

Standing still, listening; the stranger waited to be lead.

Every treasure hidden can be found rang in the stranger‘s head.

Only useful if you listen to what it has to say.

Free to anyone, God’s given instinct will help find your way

Your feeling of fulfillment will erupt ever so gently.

Only pausing a moment to remember who dug and came up empty.

Understanding that instinct is what every traveler needs.

Remember that instinct is a gift only if you heed

Reading the map sticking to the plans you dearly hold.

Instinct; is God’s instrument in finding your gold.

Don‘t doubt that nagging feeling, growing, bubbling in your chest.

Eagerly wanting you to learn; avoiding life’s regret.

*Did you find the secret message?

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